Health Benefits of Cycling

When the inventors of the bicycle creating their world changing contraption, they never thought it would be as big of a sensation as it is now! Today bicycling is commonplace all over the world and is used as a great way to get from point A to point B. While biking around the neighborhood with family and friends is a great way to spend an afternoon, you might not realize how many health benefits it has! Biking as a way of working out is relatively new when you think about the history of the bike.

In order to be at your fittest and healthiest, you need to be physically active. We all know that regular exercise helps protect you from serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, mental illness, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, and so many more! Cycling offers a healthy, low impact, fun exercise that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. Not to mention it’s enjoyable, affordable, and great for the environment! Here are some of the incredible and unique health benefits that cycling can off you.

In order to achieve some of these amazing health benefits, it only takes two to four hours of cycling a week. Cycling causes less physical strain and lower instances of injury than most other forms of exercise. Not to mention it’s easy! Unlike other workouts, sports, and activities cycling doesn’t take all that much skill. This makes it easy for anyone to enjoy. Cycling is good for stamina, muscle building, and strength building.

Another great benefit of enjoying cycling as a work out is that you can make it as intense as you want. Altering speed, terrain, and distance are great ways to manipulate the intensity of your cycling workout. Before you get going on your new cycling adventure a great idea would be to look into your overall wellness. Wellness, fitness, and health go hand in hand so before you get into the saddle (or bike seat) stock up on high quality vitamins from Life Extension. Enjoy great deals on top products and best sellers. Shop products for heart health, longevity, joint support, energy management, inflammation management, and so much more!

Now that you’re feeling your best it’s time to cycle! Hop on your two wheeled vehicle and hit the open road.